UV coating

DualCure and Monocure UV coating for scratch resistant and chemical resistant surfaces for many different plastic substrates.

Hydro Lacke

Waterborne coatings for decorative and laser edgable low VOC for automotive industry.

Laser edgable coatings

Since many years we offer various kinds of laser edgable coatings for different surfaces and in almost every colour.

Metaleffect coatings

Since many years we sell metal effect coatings for plastic substrates and have long term experience.


For extra smooth surfaces of plastic materials.

Effect coatings

Paints and coatings for special use like:

- switches colour due to laser heating

- the wet coating can be treated with magnets in order to get 3D decorative colour effects.

Functional coatings

- Paints with antimicrobial properties, can sterilise the surface independently
- Conductive paint against electrostatic problems
- EMV coatings
- Special coating for high slip or anti slip properties


- For PP (Polyprobylen)
- For aluminium and zinc substrate as diecast parts

Glass coatings

Various qualities from high resistant UV glass coatings to simple waterborne products.

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